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About en Vision

Our mission is to 'deliver healthcare to places where healthcare is inaccessible.'

We aim to create a world where people living in developing countries, remote areas, and other regions with limited access to ophthalmic healthcare can equally access ophthalmic care, regardless of their income, race, or background.

We named ourselves "en vision" which in English has a meaning of envisioning a 'better future'.

We also aim to create a society where people in need of ophthalmic service can enter into an appropriate medical cycle,

symbolized by the word 'en' (円) in Japanese.

There are numerous people in the world who face difficulties in seeking ophthalmic services due to various reasons

such as a shortage of accessible ophthalmologists or underdeveloped infrastructure.

As a result, an estimated 36 million people are blind, and many of these cases are believed to be preventable conditions.

Most of these cases occur in developing countries in Asia and Africa region and with the projected population growth in these regions

over the next 30 years, it is predicted that the number of blindness cases will triple.

Through our activities, we will cherish the connections ('en') we make with many individuals we encounter.


 Conducting ophthalmic screenings using mobile ophthalmic examination equipment and similar tools, targeting residents of developing countries, remote areas, and regions with limited access to ophthalmic healthcare. The purpose is to facilitate early detection and treatment.



8th Floor, Aoyama Tower Place 8-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052 Japan

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